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Sign up to receive a password which will allow you to enter the reserved area where you can download the advanced configuration SW and inverter FW updating. This password will also allow you to enter the configuration SW of inverters as "Installer".
From “installer” interface you can modify the internal parameters of inverters in accordance with the law in force. To log in as "installer" you have to enter your advanced access password and the data used for the registration. You will have to reenter the password and your registration data only in case of SW version updating.
Entering the reserved area also allows you to have a password to access the service menu of inverter display in order to easily adjust the settings (activation/deactivation of protections, change the protections operation threshold).
To receive the password you have to enter the S/N (serial number), the WK (production week) and the Update version for which you need the password. Necessary information are available on the inverter display (INFORMATION menu ➔ S/N and INFORMATION -> Firmware) and, on the inverter label and inverter shipping box.
The entering password for the service menu has a time limit; it does not last longer than 14 days from its calculation.
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